Friday 25 October 2013 Doka
No3rz, SnowyD, Mr. Homes, Formula75
June 1st 2013 Canvasopde7e
DJ Fass, Bassconnect, SnowyD, Mr. Holmes, Formula75
April 27th 2013 Canvasopde7e
Bobby C Sound TV, Pimpsoul, Lebrosk, DJ Fass, Bassconnect, SnowyD, Mr.Holmes, Formula75
February 2nd 2013 Canvasopde7e
Mr. Holmes, Formula75
December 8th 2012 Canvasopde7e
Bassconnect, SnowyD, Mr.Holmes, DJ Fass
Friday 25th 2012 May Studio/K
Bassconnect, Formula75, SnowyD
17th Feb 2012 Studio/K
DELimentary, Lebrosk, Bassconnect, SnowyD, Formula75
7th October 2011 Studio/K
LEBROSK vs DELimentary
Bassconnect, Formula 75
Friday 15th August 2014 Canvas op de 7e Amsterdam
Shaka Loves You
DJ Fass, DJ Sampagne, DJ Sole Mate, Formula75, Bassconnect

Bang 'n Mash presents Shaka Loves You

Dr. Robinson invites Bang 'n Mash to P79 Den Bosch

Headliner: Shaka Loves You

Supported by: DJ Fass, DJ Sampagne, DJ Sole Mate, Formula75, Bassconnect

Saturday 28th June 2014 P79 Den Bosch
Dr. Robinson, DJ Sampagne, Bassconnect

Bang 'n Mash presents Slynk

Dr. Robinson invites Bang 'n Mash to P79 Den Bosch

Headliner: Slynk

Supported by: Dr. Robinson, DJ Sampagne, Bassconnect

Saturday 24th May 2014 Veronica Schip NDSM
Beat Fatigue [live]
Sausgefinger, SoleMate, Formula75, Bassconnect

Bang 'n Mash presents Beat Fatigue

Once again the Bang 'n Mash team have cooked up a delicious musical menu for the next party.

One of our favourite local up-and-coming talents has just finished a brand new album, Malfunktionality, to be released on Adapted Records....and this is the release party!

You may have seen him before at one of our previous events...........We are proud to present Beatfatigue, live at Bang 'n Mash, serving up the tastiest in glitch funk!!

Support for the evening is provided by some of your BnM favourites; the worlds 'worst' dj, Sausagefinger, is popping in, as well as Solemate from Utrecht, and BnM founders Formula75 and Bassconnect!

Chuck on your party pants, and we'll see you below deck on May 24th! Be there or be square.

Musical Steez: nu-funk, nu-disco, funky breaks, mash ups, glitch hop

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Saturday 29th March 2014 Veronica Schip NDSM
Sausgefinger, Bassconnect, Formula75

Bang 'n Mash presents Zamali

Great news!!
This episode will be more awesome than ever, cos we're on a mother flippin' boat, yo!! AND, because the summer is creeping closer again, we've also decided to lower the gangway an hour earlier, so you can get your sea legs back and appreciate the warm sea air.

Hosted at the historical Veronica Schip, docked at NDSM Pier1, all aboard from 10pm!
We've hustled Belgian nu-funk DJ/producer, Zamali, to bring his famous uber-funky breaks, and to you get you cutting shapes on the d-floor.!
As you probably have heard, our own 'worst' dj, Sausagefinger is leaving us for the sunny skies of Croatia, so make sure you head along for his final voyage of the chunky funk and the fat glitch.
BnM residents Bassconnect & Formula75 complete our line-up for the night, mashing up the old with the new!

Be there or be a landlubber!!

Line-up: Zamali, Bassconnect, Sausagefinger, Formula75

Music styles: nu disco - nu funk - glitch hop - funky breaks - bass - mash ups

Tickets are already available!
"Whats that?!?!" we hear you ask.....
Thats correct, our BnM 'computer guy' has sorted out some online sales, so you can get your ticket early, and get it cheaper! But be quick, theres only 50 available!. Click here!

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Friday 28th february 2014 Bitterzoet
Itchy & Skratchy DJ's
Sole Mate, Sausgefinger, Bassconnect, Mr. Holmes

For the ♥ of Breaks & Bass, Bang 'n Mash presents Itchy & Skratchy DJ's [UK]!

Do you like old school hiphop rhymes?
Do you like fat bass tunage?
Do you like cutting, scratching and mashing shit up??
Do you like to cut shapes on the d-floor??

Then this is a party NOT to miss.

Three guys on four turntables, cutting, scratching, mixing and layering glitch hop, breakbeats, bass and hiphop rhymes. Some scratching on the side, plus the usual Bang 'n Mash suspects bringing you the funkiest in breaks and bass.

Be sure to check these guys mixtapes out for a wee taste of what your in for. They've been on our radar for a long time, and dammit, we are EXCITED to get them over here!!!!

Turntablism #101 ohhh yeah FUNky fresh for your dancing feet.

DJ Sole Mate - nu funk
Sausagefinger - glitch hop
Itchy & Skratchy DJ's - turntablism - hip hop - breaks - bass
Bassconnect - funky breaks
Mr. Holmes - ragga drum 'n bass

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Friday 24th January 2014 Bitterzoet
DJ Fass, Bassconnect, Sausgefinger, Formula75
Friday 27th December 2013 Bitterzoet
Bassconnect, Funkafied, Beat Fatigue, Sausagefinger, Formula75
Friday 29th November 2013 Bitterzoet
Bassconnect, EQlizion, Sausagefinger, Mr. Holmes, Formula75